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Older Adults

Regular physical activity contributes to healthy aging by reducing your risk of disease, helping you feel better, and live longer. By slowly increasing your level of activity, you can improve your quality of life, handle day-to-day activities more comfortably, and keep your independence.

For older adults, it’s especially important to focus on activities that strengthen your heart and lungs, promote healthy and strong muscles and bones, and help ensure your joints and muscles are safe and healthy.

If you’re not physically active, have a low fitness level, or have physical limitations, start with a little bit of activity and build up slowly. Gradually increase:

  • The number of times per week you’re active.
  • The length of time you’re active.
  • The amount of effort you put into being active.

There are many physical activities that can be adapted so they’re safe and effective for older adults. You can also choose exercise equipment that’s suited to the needs of older adults, like a recumbent bike (a bicycle that lets you recline against a back rest), a stationary bike or a tread-mill with a handrail.

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