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Mealtime and Your Toddler

Between the ages of 1 and 3, your toddler has special nutritional needs. Breastfeeding continues to be important, but more for comfort than for food.

Feeding Jobs

As with any part of baby care and parenting, feeding a toddler can be a challenge. You may need to offer your toddler new foods many times before they finally eat them. By providing them with chances to look at, touch, smell and taste new foods, you will help your toddler develop a healthy relationship with food. This can make mealtimes more pleasant and lead to less disagreements over picky eating.

Learn about Feeding Jobs for Parents and Toddlers.

Weaning your Toddler

Weaning a toddler can be a slow process. Using these techniques, a toddler can be weaned successfully and happily.

Last Updated: June 2021