Staying With Your Eating Plan When Your Schedule Shifts

Staying With Your Eating Plan When Your Schedule Shifts

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Getting Started

Being busy can affect even your best intentions to stay on track with your weight goals. Add a change in your schedule or routine, and that can lead to stress. It can be hard to find the time to plan or eat healthy meals or be active.

How do you cope when a change makes it hard to stay on track? Think about how it feels when your life is running smoothly and you're meeting your goals. You don't have to lose that feeling just because your routine is different now.

Others have faced this challenge and have come up with some ideas. Maybe these will help you too.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle

  • Try planning ahead for your meals and lunches each week. Keep ready-to-eat healthy snacks with you during the day.
  • Try to think of exercise goals that are easier to reach. Find things that fit into a new routine. Instead of taking a long walk, you might try fitting in a few shorter walks.
  • Make a plan with a friend to connect whenever you feel the urge to visit the snack machine. Meet and share a healthy snack or a cup of coffee or tea instead.

Planning for travel

  • Plan for delays or times when you don't have healthy eating options. Take healthy snacks like fruit or nuts with you.
  • Try to eat meals as close to your regular schedule as you can.
  • Try to stay with your exercise routine, like walking each day.

Write down changes that get in the way of your daily routine. For each change, think of ways to get around the interruptions. Write those down too. Then circle one or two you'd like to try.


Current as of: March 1, 2023

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