Navigating Your Hospital Stay

Navigating Your Hospital Stay

Topic Overview

Navigating Your Hospital Stay—Topic Overview

Hospitals can be big, confusing places, especially if you've never been a patient in one before.

But by taking the time to learn about how hospitals work and what you can expect, you may be able to lower your stress and concentrate on what's important: feeling better.

Before You Go

Navigating Your Hospital Stay—Before You Go

There is much you can do ahead of time to make your hospital experience go more smoothly.

Learn how to manage stress

Fill out important forms

When—and After—You Leave

Navigating Your Hospital Stay—When—and After—You Leave

As a smart patient, you want to find out exactly what you need to do after you leave the hospital to stay as healthy as possible.

Taking charge of your health after you're home is one of the best ways to prevent a return trip to the hospital.


Current as of: February 27, 2023

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