First Aid Resources

Sometimes it seems like when you need first aid information the most, it’s not at your fingertips. Knowing what to do ahead of time can really increase your confidence in an emergency situation. We have brought together a variety of topics that can help you make an informed decision about what to do. Whether you need to know how to stop a nosebleed, or if you should call 9-1-1 right away, the topics in this section can help.

Featured Topics

Emergency First Aid

If you or someone in your care requires emergency first aid, call 9-1-1 or the local emergency number immediately.

The best time to learn about emergency first aid is before you need it. The following article will help you deal with emergencies in the future.

First Aid Treatments for Common Injuries and Conditions

The following topics contain first aid treatment suggestions for some of the most common injuries and conditions.

The full list of First Aid topics.

Is it an emergency?

If you or someone in your care has chest pains, difficulty breathing, or severe bleeding, it could be a life-threatening emergency. Call 9-1-1 or the local emergency number immediately.
If you are concerned about a possible poisoning or exposure to a toxic substance, call Poison Control now at 1-800-567-8911.

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