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Wills and Estate Planning


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Creating a will is an important part of planning for the future. A will can help reduce confusion and provide reassurance to your family.

A will does not need to be complicated or expensive. Lawyers and notaries both prepare wills, yet there are restrictions on the kinds of wills notaries can make. Self directed will kits are also available. You may want to get professional advice so your will is clear about your wishes. Help from a lawyer or notary is usually well-worth the cost.

A will:

  • Allows your executor to make funeral arrangements and take control of your estate after you pass away.
  • Protects your possessions and ensures they are dealt with as you have directed.
  • Provides the opportunity to make suitable arrangements for dependents and pets.
  • Clarifies your final wishes for family and friends and names someone to carry them out.
  • Minimizes cost and effort to manage your estate.

Did You Know?
If you already have a will, you should review it every few years to make sure it is current.

It’s important to choose an executor for your will. Most people choose their spouse, an adult child, parent, guardian, or trusted friend. Others choose a lawyer or trust company. Alternatively, British Columbia’s Public Guardian and Trustee may agree to be your executor. Once you make your decision, always make sure the person you wish to appoint as executor is willing to act.

Did You Know?
You should tell your executor where you keep your will and other important documents.

Last Updated: October 2, 2015