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Property Tax Assistance for Seniors


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Annual property taxes help provide programs and services in communities throughout British Columbia. Here are BC programs that assist seniors with their tax payments.

All home owners in BC pay property taxes. People over the age of 65 can reduce the amount they pay by applying to these programs.

Home Owner Grant for Seniors

Reduce the amount of property taxes paid each year on your principal residence by applying for the Home Owner Grant for Seniors. This grant application can be found on your property tax notice.

To qualify for the grant you must:

  • live in BC
  • be 65 or older in the current year
  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • be the registered owner or eligible occupant of the residence
  • pay property taxes for the residence to a municipality or the province

and your property or manufactured home must:

  • be located in BC
  • be your principal residence
  • have an assessed or partitioned value of $1,100,000 or less

To receive the home owner grant you must apply each year to the municipal or provincial office that sent the property tax notice.

Did you know?
The Home Owner Grant for Seniors can reduce property taxes up to $845 or, for properties located in a northern and rural area, up to $1045.

Low Income Supplement

If you have a low income and your home was assessed at $1,100,000 or more, you can apply for the Low Income Supplement as well as the Home Owner Grant for Seniors.

Property Tax Deferral

Older people in BC can apply for Property Tax Deferral (a low interest loan) to pay your current year property taxes on your principal residence. You are eligible if you are:

  • 55 or older during the current year.
  • A surviving spouse of any age.
  • A person with disabilities.
  • A parent, stepparent or financially supporting a child.

You can apply to defer a portion or all of the residential, or residential and farm property taxes after the home owner grant is deducted. If you qualify for the home owner grant, you must apply for it separately every year.

If your application is approved, the Province pays your current year unpaid property taxes on your behalf. You can make a payment or repay the deferment loan at any time without penalty.

Did You Know?
Your grant amount may be reduced because the value of your principal residence is higher than $1,100,000. If your adjusted net income is $32,000 or less you may apply to receive a Low Income Supplement to get back all or part of the amount your grant was reduced.


Last Updated: October 2, 2015