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Healthy communities make it easier for residents to make healthier choices every day.   Choices that over the long term will help them achieve and maintain their best possible health and well-being. And people who are active and healthy will thrive in their communities and their communities, in turn, will also prosper.

Creating Healthier Lives and Healthier Communities

Imagine if your community had more places to play, more places to grow and find fresh food, more ways to get from here to there by walking, cycling or using public transportation. What if there were more opportunities for people of all ages to connect with others through shared interests and activities? And imagine if your community protected you from second-hand smoke. How would that affect your life?


Does your community look and feel like a healthy, active place to live for you and your family?

Here are some of the features of a healthy community:

  • Easy access to healthy food; opportunities to learn about healthy eating and sustainable food production in your community.
  • Protection from exposure to second hand smoke and vapours; help for smokers and vapers to quit.
  • Promotion of good mental health and reduction of harmful substance use.
  • Opportunities for all ages and abilities to feel connected and engaged within their community.
  • Walk and bicycle-friendly neighbourhoods.
  • Convenient and affordable parks, playgrounds, recreation centres and nature trails.

Chronic diseases are the largest cause of premature death in B.C. About 80 per cent of British Columbians report having at least one or more risk factors for chronic disease which include smoking, being physically inactive, eating an unhealthy diet or being overweight or obese.

Healthy living habits help reduce two of the leading causes of preventable death and disability among British Columbians: chronic disease and obesity. Fortunately, many B.C. local governments are already leaders and promoters of healthy living in their communities. To build on that momentum, the Province is partnering with local governments, health authorities and other partners in a grass roots effort to help families live healthier lifestyles, reduce chronic disease and to promote healthy weights.