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Health Connect Registry, Ridge Meadows

The Primary Care Network (PCN) team is working with clinics in your community to help you find a family doctor or nurse practitioner. If you, your family, or a person in your care lives in one of the Ridge Meadow communities of Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, or the Katzie First Nation, you can register with the Health Connect Registry.

Register Now

Once registered, you will be contacted directly when a primary care provider is available. Please note that patients who do not already have a primary care provider may be matched with a provider before patients who already have one.


Ridge Meadows Primary Care Network Vision

The Ridge Meadows Primary Care Network is for all residents in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, and Katzie First Nation.

If you do not have a family physician or nurse practitioner, there are many resources available to you, such as:

  • Urgent Care
  • Walk-In Clinics
    • View Medi-Map to see the current wait times for walk-in clinics.
  • Community Services
    • Pathways Community Service Directory is an online database that provides resources for patients and families regarding health and community services. You may find resources for addictions & substance abuse support, chronic pain support, maternity care, seniors' services, wellness support, and more.
  • Maternity Care
    • The team of family doctors at the Ridge Meadows Maternity Clinic provides comprehensive care by partnering with obstetricians, diabetes educators, mental health professionals, public health nurses, and pediatricians to support women throughout their pregnancies and deliveries.
  • Adult Mental Health
  • Child and Youth Mental Health
    • Young people aged 12 to 24 years with mild to moderate mental health or substance use issues can access the Ridge Meadows Foundry.
  • Seniors Network

About Primary Care Networks and the Health Connect Registry

PCNs are community-based networks of health care professionals and clinics who plan and deliver all day-to-day health care needs of a community. Within these networks, teams of providers work together. This way, patients will receive better care, by the right person, at the right time, closer to home.

PCNs are part of the Province's Primary and Community Care Strategy to make sure you have faster and better access to the everyday health care services. It will take some time for PCNs to become fully operational. The Province plans to have PCNs established in 70 percent of B.C. communities over the next three years.

The Health Connect Registry is part of this strategy. The Health Connect Registry works with active PCNs to help patients find a regular family doctor or nurse practitioner, because we know that having a regular provider leads to better health for you and your family.

Update Your Information

Keeping information on the Health Connect Registry up to date is important. This will help us connect you to a family doctor or nurse practitioner. If you need to update information on the Health Connect Registry for yourself, your family or person in your care, please contact HealthLink BC by dialing 8-1-1, or for the deaf and hard of hearing, dialing 7-1-1.

A HealthLink BC health service navigator will ask you for the Client ID you received when you registered and your personal health number. If you are updating information on behalf of your family or a person in your care, you will require their Client ID and personal health number to make an update.  

Information on the Health Connect Registry can only be updated by phone at this time.

Health Services and Support

While you are waiting to be connected with a family doctor or nurse practitioner, please consider the following for accessing health services and support.

Call HealthLink BC

HealthLink BC provides free health information and advice any time of the day or night. Call us toll-free at 8-1-1 in B.C., or for the deaf and hard of hearing, call 7-1-1. A health service navigator will help you find the information you are looking for or transfer you to a registered nurse, registered dietitian, licensed pharmacist or qualified exercise professional. Our navigators can also help you find a health service in your community such as a walk-in clinic or urgent primary care centre. Translation services are available in over 130 languages.

Visit your local walk-in clinic

You are welcome to visit a walk-in clinic. Walk-in clinic doctors can diagnose, manage illnesses, prescribe medication, order medical tests and make referrals to specialists. Please visit our HealthLinkBC Directory to find a clinic close to where you live.

Find health services and support in your community

Search our HealthLinkBC Directory to find health services in B.C. We list all publicly-funded health, mental health and addiction treatment programs. If you need help finding a health service, call HealthLink BC at 8-1-1 and speak with one of our health service navigators.

Last updated: June 6, 2022

The content and resources included on this webpage have been jointly created and curated by the Ridge Meadows Primary Care Network and HealthLink BC.