Wheat-Free Eating Resources

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Books for Healthy Lifestyles

Gluten free recipes contain no wheat, rye, oats, or barley, so they are more restrictive than necessary on a wheat-free diet. However, these cookbooks have some excellent recipe ideas and can be used for a wheat-free diet.

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  • Canadian Celiac Association. Gluten free recipes from the Canadian Celiac Association. L. Rasmussen Co Ltd, 1998.
  • Hagman, B. The gluten-free gourmet bakes bread. Henry Holt and Co Ltd, 1999.
  • Hagman, B. The gluten-free gourmet cooks fast and healthy. Fitzhenry and Whiteside Ltd, 1996.
  • Hagman, B. More from the gluten-free gourmet - delicious dining without wheat. Henry Holt and Co Ltd, 1993.
  • Hagman, B. The gluten-free gourmet - living well without wheat. Henry Holt and Co Ltd, 1990.

Additional Resources

HealthLinkBC www.HealthLinkBC.ca Medically approved non-emergency health information and advice.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency, "Wheat - One of the nine most common food allergens". www.inspection.gc.ca/food/information-for-consumers/fact-sheets-and-infographics/food-allergies/eng/1332442914456/1332442980290

Wheat Free Products for BC Residents

  • Grocery Stores: Safeway, Overwaitea, and Save on Foods, Choices Markets, and some health food stores have wheat-free products available.
  • Panne Rizzo (Bakery and Café) Store: 1939 Cornwall Ave. Vancouver, BC V6J 1C8 Tel: (604) 736-0885
  • Quejos Cheesebuns Inc. www.quejos.com 4129 Main St. Vancouver, BC V6V 3P6 Tel: (604) 420 -0832, Fax: (604) 420-6840
  • Glutino www.glutino.com Tel: (450) 629-7689, Toll-free: 1-800-363-3438 (mail order)
  • KinniKinnick Foods www.kinnikinnick.com/index.cfm Tel: 1-877-503-4466 (mail order)
  • Specialty Food Shop www.specialtyfoodshop.ca/ Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto Mail order catalogue: 1-800-737-7976

Last updated: January 2009

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