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Nutri-eSTEP & Nutri-eSCREEN

Nutri-eSTEP and Nutri-eSCREEN® are free, online nutrition self-assessment tools.
Learn about how the tools can benefit your clients
Nutri-eSTEP and Nutri-eSCREEN® provide reliable and personalized nutrition information and resources for:

  • Parents and caregivers of toddlers or preschoolers
  • Adults 50 and older
There are three tools:

  • Nutri-eSTEP for toddlers aged 18-35 months
  • Nutri-eSTEP for preschoolers aged 3-5 years
  • Nutri-eSCREEN® for adults 50 and older

Each tool consists of a multiple choice questionnaire. Based on the response, the tools give feedback and generate a list of resources tailored specifically for the user. Once completed, your clients also have the option of printing or saving the results to share with you. The tools are free, anonymous, and require no sign up. The tools collect some basic information that is grouped together with other user’s information to track the nutritional health of children and adults 50 and older in BC.

Features of the tools

Nutri-eSTEP and Nutri-eSCREEN® are validated online tools developed by Canadian registered dietitians and researchers. They take only 10 minutes to complete and offer your clients:

  • Reliable and evidence-informed nutrition information that is easy to read and understand
  • Links to B.C. government resources and services, such as Dietitian and Physical Activity Services at HealthLink BC
  • Encouragement on what they’re doing well and where they may need help
  • Non-judgemental feedback specific to their situation
Why recommend using these tools?

Helping British Columbians improve their eating habits and health literacy is key to their long-term health. The goal of Nutri-eSTEP and Nutri-eSCREEN® is to support healthy eating habits for toddlers and preschoolers, and adults 50 and older.

Eating well in early childhood promotes healthy growth and overall physical development. It sets children up for a lifetime of healthy eating. Eating well as an aging adult can reduce the risk of diseases, keep the body strong and improve mental health.

  • These tools can help you support your clients: while it is easy for your clients to find nutrition advice online, much of that information may be out-of-date or based on opinions
  • These validated tools make it easy for your clients to obtain reliable, evidence-informed and up-to-date nutrition information and advice
Fact Sheets

These fact sheets provide an overview of the Nutri-eSTEP and Nutri-eSCREEN self-assessment tools and provide additional information on how you can integrate them into your professional practice.

Find the tools
For toddler and preschoolers use Nutri-eSTEP
For adults 50 and older use Nutri-eSCREEN